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MILANLUX High Pressure Mercury Lamp

MILANLUX High Pressure Mercury Lamp

Bullet Points:
The inner structure of the mercury lamp is filament flame, which is quite stable.
Milanlux adopts nickle plate lamp base.
Service life over 5000 hours.
No scratch, the powder is covered evenly, no clear part.

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Product Details

MILANLUX High Pressure Mercury Lamp

Product Feature:

Fluorescent powder coats the inner wall of our high pressure mercury lamps,

which improves their color rendering properties, with low maintenance cost and long service life.

As compared with ballast mercury lamps, the blended light high pressure mercury lamp

provides the advantages of a high color rendering index and easy installation.

Without the need for ballast, it can be used to replace traditional incandescent

lamps and is ideal for workshop lighting, warehousing lighting, and more.

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