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Application of LED in the decoration, landscape lighting
- Mar 23, 2017 -

Energy and the environment has been troubled by two major problems of the world as a whole. 1998 United States lighting 36 billion yuan, accounting for about 20% of energy consumption; in C02 emissions from power up to 112 million tons worldwide lighting consumption is US $230 billion, C02 produced by up to 410 million tons from power and lighting electricity until the end of 2002 was about 200 billion-kilowatt in China, a voracious consumer of coal and oil, while producing exhaust gas pollution of the environment. So gradually into environmentally friendly, energy-saving LED lighting field, will help ease the energy crisis, environmental pollution situation.

Advantages of LED in many major cities such as Shanghai, due to peak in the summer, and decided to include the majority of the nightscape landscape lighting off, the disappointment to many admiring visitors. In so you want to enjoy the brilliant night of the summer, LED is a very good choice.

Decorative lighting, LED shows the incomparable advantages.

Rich, bright colors. The color LED product has covered the whole range of the visible spectrum, and good color, high color purity. Red and blue LED luminous efficiency of up to 20lni/W, red-orange range LED luminous efficiency of up to 100lm/W. and traditional way to color light incandescent bulbs and filters, incandescent light 820ltn/W, Filter light tablets of through rate as red filter light tablets of through rate for 0.06, so eventually of light effect far below color LED. table 1 several LED of main characteristics color material wavelength (nm) Center light strong (CD) light output light effect red red-orange yellow green blue LED of response time is short, General for several MS, can instantaneous reached full light pass output. If you use a combination of RGB LED, you can instantly change the color, is selected for dynamic lighting for fountains. LED dimming can also use RGB LED combination use PWM (PulseWidthModulator) to achieve a color gradient, such as used in building exterior decoration, more dreamy colors.