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Common categories of high mast lighting and configuration
- Mar 23, 2017 -

We usually say high mast lighting, under use is very diverse, according to the different applications on the pole lamp category and name are not the same. Such as terminals, called Terminal high-mast lighting, square called Plaza high mast lighting, with named ports high mast lighting, high mast lighting, explosion-proof high-mast lighting, stainless steel high-mast lighting, and so on. Usually of more than 15 metres of the streetlight, called high-mast lighting, or lamp, 15-40 m, commonly used is 15 m, 18 m, 20 m, 25 m, 30 m 5 models of the most common. Others are generally customer to design a specific height, that's why we always say, divided by height of the lamp.

Common lamp configuration are as follows: the pole height of about 30 meters, common to the lift. Baosteel General material Q235, shaft standard thickness of hot-dip galvanized coating. Its plate by moulding and forming common multi-angled, vertical steel rods inserted. Its rod body caliber 240. Rod body Xia caliber 620mm. usually products warranty time for 20 years not rust, can anti-12 level Typhoon) 15 meters high Rod lamp main rod by Baosteel Q235 of plate folding side forming, lamp rod is points 2 sets, wall thick respectively is 5/5mm, Shang caliber 220mm Xia caliber 450mm protection grade IP,65, overall hot plating zinc anti-corrosion processing, by large folding bent machine a times volume Rod forming, hot plating zinc anti-corrosion processing, guarantee lamp Rod 20 years no corrosion, appearance spray white plastic, Lamp design maximum wind resistance up to 35 m/s. Configure lightning, rain cover, lift systems (variable speed motors, couplings, winch, wire rope, fall arrest device), automatic control systems (control apparatus, main and auxiliary cables). Lamp light cover made of aluminum alloy die-casting, surface by electrostatic spray processing, high strength lightweight and corrosion-resistant tempered glass structure, degree of protection IP,56. High strength tempered glass diffuser surfaces, high temperature 200 ℃ or more.