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Differences between landscape lights and lamps
- Mar 23, 2017 -

Landscape lamp located in separate areas within the self-contained lighting, the most common are in the road or a large garden or Villa. General 3.6m in height, lighting power 80-150W, and some will be smaller, and shape at will, without constraint. Is the difference between it and a street lamp street lamps are based on width of road, traffic, surrounded by trees, building height, link calculation do not affect the surrounding residents, concluded that probably installed models. High 8-20m power 250-400W.

Benefits of landscape:

1. form a good course guide at night.

2. highlighting the main landscape at night so that they form actual relationships with the surrounding environment, enriching the landscape of night.

3. different color lights for monotonous nights provide a wealth of viewing pleasure.

4. a continuous row of lights or arrays of lights, bring a sense of rhythm.

5. role of marks and notices, special lights may prompt you about which the area is within the Park. 6. even in the daytime, artistic lamps also have a high ornamental value.

By the host and number of extension of the digital music landscape light control system. The hosts made an audio signal processing circuits, a/d conversion circuit and single-chip microcomputer communication interface and output circuit. Because this utility is made up of a host and a number of extension, the entire system circuit a/d conversion technology and control, so it has the changing effects of light and flexible control, color may vary according to the music rhythm changes, the height of the column length changes with the music level, such as change the size and other characteristics.