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For landscape lights fail reason analysis
- Mar 23, 2017 -

Garden landscape lights are mainly used urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places for outdoor lighting. One fault will cause a lot of inconvenience to the public, so once found garden landscape lights not functioning, relevant departments should identify the main reasons for processing in a timely manner. For ease of administration the following with you to analyze and summarize the main reason.

Poor construction quality: failure due to construction quality account for a large proportion. Main performance: a is cable ditch of depth enough, Pu sand cover brick no by standard for construction; II is aisle tube of making and installation not meet requirements, ends no by standard made cough BA mouth; three is Pu loaded cable Shi in ground drag with go; four is based of pre buried tube not by standard requirements construction, main is pre buried tube fine, again plus must of camber, wear cable Shi quite difficult, in based bottom appeared "died bent" situation; five is line nose pressure received and insulation package wrapped around thickness enough, after long time run on will-and-short-circuit.

Material does not pass: Judging from garden landscape lighting failure in recent years, low quality materials there is also a large factor. Mainly are: wire with low aluminum, wire hard, thin insulating layer. This is more common in recent years. Project quality is not perfect: garden landscape lighting cables spread on the sidewalk. Poor quality sidewalk construction, ground settlement, deformation of the cable led cable armouring. Especially in cold area in the Northeast, the onset of winter, so cable and Earth form a whole, if there is a settlement on the ground, on the bottom of the lamp base is pulled in the courtyard and summer rain for a long time, will be in the base root burn.

Improper design: one is overloaded. With city construction of constantly development, garden landscape lamp also constantly extends, new garden landscape lamp of when often away from which garden lamp near, on received which loop, coupled with in recent years advertising career development soon, advertising of load also are corresponding received in garden landscape lamp Shang, makes its load had big, cable overheating, line nose overheating, insulation reduced, appeared grounding short-circuit, situation; on the is, lamp rod design Shi only consider lamp rod of itself situation, ignored cable head of space, cable head package wrapped around good yihou, most is even door are shut not Shang, Sometimes the cable length is insufficient, the joint production does not meet the requirements, which are also factors that caused the failure.

Garden landscape with public life, running it directly affect the image of the party and the Government, through education and improve maintenance staff awareness of the garden landscape light repair work, enhance the sense of responsibility. Other hand, with the acceleration of scientific and technological progress in urban landscape lights, and the extensive use of new technologies, updates require continuous maintenance the maintenance staff expertise, adaptation needs. Department maintenance target responsibility system should be implemented to speed up law enforcement efforts to investigate and punish, and ensure that it is running properly.

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