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Garden lights before construction ready
- Mar 23, 2017 -

First, the garden lights before construction, to examine the material, there is no problem, material requirements: used equipment, tools and materials should be in accordance with the provisions of existing national technical standards and product quality certificate, the equipment should be famous. Second, the garden light itself: 1, Garden light fittings should be complete, mechanical damage, deformation, peeling paint, Lampshade rupture phenomenon. 2, the lamp wire cross section shall be not less than: copper -1.mm2; aluminum -2.5mm2. Third, pin type insulator: 1, ceramic and iron should be linked closely together, galvanized iron was good. 2, enamel is smooth, no cracks, glaze, spots, burn marks, bubbles, or enamel defects such as burnt out. The insulator 3, prohibited the use of sulfur water. Finally, insulated wire: 1, there should be no twist, dead bending, breakage and defects such as insulation damage. Shall be not less than 2, wire cross section: copper -1.5mm2 aluminum wire -2.5mm2; rated voltage should be less than 500V. Finally, garden lighting fixtures, hoop: 1, the surface should be smooth, no cracks, defects such as bubbles, trachoma, Burr, Burr. 2, hot dip galvanized, met the local zinc Peel, rust should be painted red after Zhang Dan and paint. VI, installing garden lights using bolt: bolt surface 1, there should be no cracks, trachoma, zinc skin peeling off and rust and so on, bolt and nut should fit together well. 2, the coupling bolts should have a locking device on the metal, the locking device shall be used galvanized well, stretch the right thickness, compliance with the regulations. Other insulation materials, fuses, tie wire, soft plastic, rubber, cloth, black cloth, also have to look carefully. Seven, garden lighting construction equipment needed: 1, pulley, hammer, adjustable wrench, and nylon rope. 2, spirit level, tape measure, irons, seat belts, stool, etc. VIII, Garden lamp operating conditions: 1, lamp making has been completed. 2, overhead line construction was completed.