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How to clean a landscape garden lighting
- Mar 23, 2017 -

1, landscape garden lighting is dusty, clean with a damp cloth to wipe, keeping the same direction, do not rub back and forth, to moderate, especially to chandeliers, wall lamps, soft.

2, clean lighting inside, when you clean the bulb, turn off their lights, remove the bulb wipe wipe can be individually. If directly in the luminaire cleaning, not to Rotate clockwise light bulb, avoid lamp screw too tight peeling.

Landscape lighting maintenance

1, no hanging items on the lamp, hanging quilts.

2, frequently switching will greatly reduce its service life, use lighting to minimize lamp switch;

3, found shade tilt when in use or cleaning should be readily corrected in order to look good;

4, when adjusting Lampshade, avoid the trigeminal bracket at the lighting of the lamps in the reflection when the shadow;

5, according to mark provides timely replacement of aging with the light source lamp, found that both ends of the lamp red, lamp black or shadow jump, lamp does not light, shall promptly replace the lamp to prevent insecurity such as ballast to burn out.