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What is a lawn lamp
- Mar 23, 2017 -

Lawn development in the 1990 of the 20th century, was widely used in the city slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential, tourist attractions, parks, squares, gardens, garden lighting of corridors and other public places, improve the safety of night to increase people's time for outdoor activities, improving the safety of life and property. It can also change the mood, improve people's mood, and the ability to change people's ideas, created a dark and white palette of night. By day, lights dot the city landscape, night, lawn lights can provide the necessary lighting and living facilities, increased security, and would give the city highlights, deduce beautiful styles, that still has developed into a mature industry chain.


Lawn lamp designed primarily and soft lighting adds safety and urban green space landscape beauty, and generally has the features of convenient installation, decorative.


Material: stainless steel, aluminium, iron products.

Categories: according to different environment and design style, derived from different species, divided into: European lawn lamp, modern lawn lamp, classic stainless steel lawn lamps, solar lawn lamp, lawn lamp.

Production: lamp welding well at first and then, through the electrostatic spraying, smooth surface, color, brightness, has a strong anti-corrosion performance requirements.