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MILANLUX 2x4 LED Ceiling Light Panel

MILANLUX 2x4 LED Ceiling Light Panel

Bullet Point:
Ultra slim, modern & elegant design.
Higher light transmission rate, for high quality PMMA GLP is adopted, emitting soft and uniform light, to make comfortable environment and ease eye strain.
Exterior housing is made of high quality aluminum, cannot be easily damaged.
No infrared, does not attract flies.
No Lead or Mercury content, environment friendly.
Dimmable options available in selected models.
Easy to install.

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Des.of GoodsPowerDescriptionCCTSpecial Notes

2x4 LED Ceiling Light Panel
72WVoltage: 120-240V 50/60Hz○3000K/Warm White
○4000K/Nature Light
●6500K/White Light


LED Type: SMD4014 /SMD2835,360pcs
LED Chip: Epistar/Cree/Sanan/Samsung
Materials :Die-Casting Alum,PMMA ,PS or MS
Size: 600mm*1200mm*9mm

Lifespan:25000hours/30000hrs (CE)/50000Hours

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