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How to Cope with the China Customs’ Enforcement on Customs Inspection?
- Sep 12, 2017 -

In order to crack down on the infringement of Intellectual property rights in import and export and maintain fair competition and economic order, China Customs would earnestly fulfill the functions of supervision and administration of exit in accordance with relevant laws and policies since September 1st, 2017, actively carry out the enforcement of intellectual property rights law, investigate and take care of the cases of where the export goods violated the Intellectual property rights.


For exported products suspected of infringing intellectual property rights protected by Chinese laws and administrative regulations, the Chinese Customs, in accordance with existing laws and administrative regulations, shall detain those products either by applications of the holders of intellectual property rights or on its own initiative. In order to give full play to the protection of intellectual property rights in encouraging innovation and maintaining fair competition, the China Customs by September 1st, 2017, have already actively conducted interception and investigation for products violating intellectual property rights in cross-border transport by strengthening supervision and risk management techniques.


MILANLUX unreservedly supports this China Customs Policy for encouraging innovation and maintaining fair competition, at the same time, MILANLUX would positively cooperates with old and new customers to make prompt measures according to the policy to guarantee that the shipping of all the orders in the future could smoothly pass the customs inspection. In this case, MILANLUX propose that enterprises engaged in lighting industry including led bulb, led spot light, led panel, led down light, led flood light, led tube light, whether you have already been in cooperation with MILANLUX or be likely to start the cooperation in the future, prepare your Brand Registration Certificate in advance for customs inspection. Anyway, MILANLUX would be the permanent support at your back!