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How to Increase the Work Stability of Solar Energy Street Lamp?
- Mar 23, 2017 -

Now solar-powered streetlights, and ordinary Street lamp, LED Street lamp as the light source, low power consumption, high brightness, which is the advantage of LED light sources, in order to increase the solar energy Street lamp lighting time of operation, using LED lights, but also to increase the stability of street lamps.

Design of high-power LED solar street light

High-power LED solar street lights use ultra-high conductivity aluminum materials as heat sink parts, and we all know that light fixture uses scale type, jiatongzhu type or elevation of stable long-life fan cooling is the best, therefore high-power LED street lights use this design to some extent debatable places, heat, after all, a key reference is the use of lighting is extremely important.

Second high power LED Street lamp with a high light transmission, high index optical glass lens, which not only ensures luminous flux output, partly to develop the high-power LED street light reflectance. The light distribution can be said to be a very clever technology, results are also very prominent in the application.

Once again high power LED light uses a high-strength tempered glass as its mirror-like material, which is conducive to better play its light transmission properties and UV resistance, so that high power LED Street lamp to best effect.

Then there is the stable constant current driver LED power supply design, this design not only can improve the efficiency of its power, can guarantee the service life of 50,000 hours or more, coupled with the integration of LED technology, to some extent, Yu Guangzhu and equipped is more reasonable.

Then there is the high power LED Street lamp or use a cold light source design, no thermal radiation, which not only have a great help for eye health, using eco-friendly materials are simple to replace a lot, to find the appropriate replacement is not a very difficult thing, is in line with our overall environmental trends as constantly now.

Finally, besides lighting installation is very simple, and can be installed in several ways, both large and small venues are perfectly applicable, we all know that some lamps just more trouble to install, high power LED Street lamp without the trouble in this area, in addition there are many colors to choose from is an extremely user-friendly design, make it more colorful.