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LED Floodlight Has Good Electromagnetic Compatibility
- Oct 30, 2017 -

LED floodlight material: High pressure die-casting aluminum shell, high-strength tempered glass cover, high purity aluminum reflector, LED integrated light source, high efficiency constant current.

LED floodlight suitable place: Factory, gymnasium, wharf, Billboard, building, parking lot and other places needing outdoor long distance light illumination.

LED Floodlight Light Features

1, the use of independent intellectual property rights packaging integrated high-power LED (10w-300w) as a source of light, the selection of imported high-brightness semiconductor chip, LED Flood Light with high thermal conductivity, light decay, light color pure, no ghosting and so on.

2, high-pressure die-casting aluminum integration lamp shell, the power cavity and the light source cavity are completely separated, the light source cavity and the LED light source is closely connected with the external heat dissipation wing and air convection heat, can effectively guarantee the light source and power supply life.

3, anti-aging silicone rubber strip effectively sealed, outside the lamp shell electrostatic spray treatment, the overall lighting protection level Tatsu IP65, so that lamps can be used in high humidity environment.

4, the use of high-purity German imports of aluminum reflector, LED Flood Light effectively improve the reflectivity, and ensure the output of luminous flux. Specifically, the light emitted by the LED is controlled within the required range, which enhances the uniformity of the lighting effect and the utilization of light energy. Highlights the obvious energy-saving advantages of LED lamps.

5, start without delay, power can reach normal brightness, no waiting, switch times can reach more than million.

6, safe and fast, flexible, any angle can be adjusted. Universal, wide range of applications. 7, Green pollution-free: Cold light source design, no harm to the eyes and skin, not including lead, LED Flood Light mercury and other pollution elements, to achieve the true meaning of green energy-saving lighting.

LED floodlight is mainly used in which lighting places, what performance characteristics?

LED floodlight mainly used in single building, historical buildings outside the wall lighting, building light outside through the lighting, indoor local lighting, green landscape lighting, advertising lighting, medical culture and other specialized facilities lighting, bars, ballroom and other entertainment atmosphere lighting.

LED Floodlight Performance Characteristics:

1, the use of internal and external strong earthquake structure design, LED Flood Light effective solution due to strong vibration caused by bulb shedding, lamp life shortened, stent rupture and so on.

2, with high efficiency gas discharge lamp as light source, lamp life longer than 35000, especially suitable for outdoor large area unguarded lighting.

3, the use of lightweight alloy materials and High-tech spraying technology, LED Flood Light the shell will never rust, never corrosion.

4, the use of new technology such as binding, to ensure the overall good housing, sealing reliable, waterproof and dustproof.

5, with good electromagnetic compatibility, LED Flood Light will not cause electromagnetic interference in the surrounding environment.

6, the overall heat dissipation of lamps, LED Flood Light can reduce the probability of failure.