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LED Panel Lamp Belongs To The Typical Green Light Source
- Oct 10, 2017 -

LED panel lamp is a high-end indoor lighting, light source for the LED, the entire design of beautiful and concise lighting, the atmosphere luxurious, both good lighting effect, but also to bring people the feeling of beauty.

The principle of LED panel light

The structure of LED panel lamp is composed of backlight module, light source, drive, outer frame structure and diffusion plate. The light source is illuminated from either side or four sides of the light guide material, light after the interference pattern processing of the Light guide plate let the direction of the lights to change, the light of the majority of Gan-involved in the direction of the diffusion plate, LED Panel Light a small amount of reflection to reflect the material and then the second reflection, is light as far as possible to achieve the purpose of illumination.

Characteristics of LED panel lamps

Energy-saving: high efficiency and energy-free pollution, DC drive, LED Panel Light ultra-low power consumption, more than 70% of the traditional light source energy saving;

Environmental protection: There is no ultraviolet and infra-red in the spectrum, that is, no heat, no radiation, can be safely touched, belonging to the typical green light source;

Long life: At present, LED light source life has reached more than 100,000 hours, with the continuous development of LED technology and application of a large number of popularization, LED Panel Light in the driving and cooling of the basic to achieve a more ideal state, the city of high-quality LED lamp life expectancy of nearly 10,000-50,000 hours, Almost 10-50 times the average halogen spotlights. ;

Flexible application: ultra-thin and lightweight, easy to install space saving, LED Panel Light can be made of arbitrary graphics and text shape, any color, can also be required to design color effect.

Luminous way: This light source for the side of the edge of the light, its surface bright and shiny luminous uniform, soft not dazzling.

LED panel lamp, also known as LED flat lamp, often used in office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, hotels, conference rooms or offices, hospitals; lighting which needs to be energy-saving and requiring high color rendering index lighting is an upscale indoor lighting fixture, because its light body is ultra-thin, LED Panel Light can hang on the ceiling or install inside the wall, then, When buying LED panel lights, what features and parameters should be noted?

LED panel Light Product characteristics:

1. Side light emitting, led through the high transmittance of the Guide plate to form a very uniform plane luminous effect, uniform light, bright, soft, comfortable not dazzling; Super highlight SMD LED light source, luminous angle, than ordinary fluorescent lamp energy saving more than 70%;

2. LED panel Light Side Glow plus a good thermal structure design, so that the heat quickly exported, shell temperature rise of 20 degrees, effectively extend the life of the lamp, LED Panel Light the average life of light source ≥ 50,000 hours;

3. Ultra-light ultra-thin, easy to install, embedded in the replacement of the same specifications of the ceiling grille lamp or ceiling, and ceilings integrated into one, or inhalation-mounted on the wall or ceiling;

4. LED panel lamp Using external isolation high PF value constant current power supply, instant start, no glare, no noise, no RF interference;

5. Unique circuit design, to avoid single led damage and led to other lamp bead is not bright;

6. LED panel light seals good, not easy to dust insects mixed, high color index, bright color, LED Panel Light can be very good to restore the original character, the appearance of simple, exquisite high-grade, can be used for artistic decoration appreciation; can be applied to walls when wall lights or as an art advertising backlight, etc.

7. Has passed certification: CE, RoHS;

8. Super long three year shelf life.