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LED Spotlight Has The Advantage Of Energy Saving
- Sep 13, 2017 -

LED spotlights have the characteristics of energy saving. If we use such lamps when installing fixtures, it can save us a lot of electricity in the long run. If we compare it to the same power incandescent lamp, we will find that its power consumption is only 10% of the incandescent lamp, compared with the fluorescent lamp, LED Spotlight the advantages of energy-saving is also more obvious, and its longevity is relatively long, if we use such a lamp and continue to use not to shut down, Its working hours can be maintained for 50,000 of hours, a lot longer than fluorescent lamps.

Second, LED spotlights are a light fixture that can adjust luminosity, in the past when the light dimmer is aimed at the incandescent lamp, and the incandescent lamp dimming when the light is red, if we use LED this lamp, then in the use of dimmer can be dimming, LED Spotlight Whether we are dimming it or dimming it, it shows the same color, LED Spotlight and the performance of the color temperature is basically not going to change, this change is significantly better than the incandescent light dimming a lot.

The use of LED spotlights is like a flashlight, which is usually used outdoors. Indoors

Also have, because the variety is different, so the use is also different. LED spotlights in the business to highlight the advantages of LED spotlights on the space, color, the actual feeling is very strong and unique. It is a fashionable trend, compared with other lamps, has a comparative advantage. LED Spotlight Whether it is a matter of emphasis or understatement, both elegant grace, gorgeous space and artistic conception, and can often become new, always interesting, refreshing, beautiful. LED spotlights can be used as both main lighting and auxiliary light source.


1. Good security: solid-state light source, no inflatable, no glass shell.

2. Long life: 580,000 hours.

3. Power low light efficiency: generally under 3 W power, LED Spotlight photoelectric conversion efficiency is high.

4. Rich color: a variety of colors. Can meet a variety of color lighting.

5. High-cutting-edge: The third generation of light source revolution, LED Spotlight high scientific and technological content, flexible and changeable, easy to drive control.

6. Small weight: Light emitting diode is a miniature light source.

7. Environmental protection: Waste device No heavy metal pollution, LED Spotlight conducive to the environment.