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LED Spotlights Are Decorative Lighting For Commercial Shops
- Sep 22, 2017 -

LED spotlights are typical without the main lamp, the scale of the modern school lighting, can create indoor lighting atmosphere, if a row of small led spotlights combined, the light can change the wonderful pattern. Because small LED spotlights can freely transform the angle, LED Spotlight the effect of combined lighting is also changing. LED spotlights light soft, elegant, it can also be local lighting, foil atmosphere.

The use of LED spotlights is like a flashlight, which is usually used outdoors. Indoor also have, because the variety is different, so the use is also different. LED spotlights in the business to highlight the advantages of LED spotlights on the space, color, the actual feeling is very strong and unique. LED Spotlight It is a fashionable trend, compared with other lamps, has a comparative advantage. Whether it is a matter of emphasis or understatement, both elegant grace, LED Spotlight gorgeous space and artistic conception, and can often become new, always interesting, refreshing, beautiful. LED spotlights can be used as both main lighting and auxiliary light source.

LED Spotlight Application Place

1, used in home lighting, commercial shops decorative lighting.

2, entertainment venues lighting, auxiliary lighting and other places.

3, stores, hotels, cafes.

LED lighting Arrangement

The role in lighting layout can not be underestimated, as a decorative light and subsidized light, for the room to add a lot.

If the furniture in the room is combined, then the choice of one to several led spotlights is no longer suitable. Generally, the lamp can be on both sides of the furniture wall, light frame vertical, LED Spotlight shade can be slightly tilted. Some modular furniture is separated into small areas with planks, the level is clear, then the LED spotlights directly in the small area, not only can be used in local lighting, but also foil the room of the clear atmosphere, play a "finishing touch" role. If you install an LED light on the bedside, it becomes light, LED Spotlight elegant and meaningful bedside lamp, the height of the person sitting in bed with the head parallel appropriate. The lampshade, made of flame retardant engineering plastics, is completely opaque, and the light is completely sprinkled on the surface, but not the surface of the irradiation is dark. Therefore, when the night opens, LED Spotlight it does not affect others to rest.

LED spotlights can also be used in the bathroom to act as a mirror front lamp. Install the lamp frame to cross over, the height is above the sink. As the lampshade rotates and can rotate 320 degrees, it is enough to install a small bathroom. No matter where you need to play light, it can "vote for you". Many young people try to use LED spotlights instead of chandeliers, and the effect is good. As long as the installation of the bottom is fixed in the ceiling can be. If the room is longer or with wine cabinets and so on, to install a row of LED spotlights is good, such as the room is more square, then can be installed around the ceiling led spotlights, but the best switch to control, so that all open, it becomes the main body of the lighting. When opened alone, is an LED spotlights, LED Spotlight wall lamp or "single Fire pendant lamp", do not have a mood.

LED spotlights can be placed in the ceiling four weeks or furniture upper, can also be placed in the wall, dado or kicking line. Direct illumination of the light in the need to emphasize the utensils, to highlight the subjective aesthetic role, to achieve a prominent focus, unique environment, rich levels, rich atmosphere, colorful, bewildering artistic effects. LED light beam soft, elegant, not only the overall lighting can play a leading role, but also local procurement of light, foil atmosphere makes people feel like a dream, LED Spotlight such as poetry picturesque, such as the atmosphere of dance, the full enjoyment of social civilization and scientific and technological progress of satisfaction and superiority.

LED spotlights such as placement in the living room, then the finishing touches, such as placement in the bedside, is ethereal and meaningful, such as placement in the study, LED Spotlight then elegant and decent, such as in the bathroom, it is warm and pleasant, such as placement in the kitchen, do not have a taste.

LED lights that lingering Yin Yun's artistic conception, can make a person float like a fairy in the Wei, and with the use of the ceiling lamp, it is "Bolivians"; LED Spotlight Group use, it is like "eight", led spotlights single use, is "a single show."

LED spotlights on the space, color, the actual feeling is very strong and unique. It is a fashionable trend, compared with other lamps, has a comparative advantage. Whether it is a matter of emphasis or understatement, both elegant grace, gorgeous space and artistic conception, LED Spotlight and can often become new, always interesting, refreshing, beautiful!

Installation use

When installing LED spotlights, the transformer is usually installed in the hole, there is no unsafe problem. Because, the ceiling space is big, the heat dissipation is very good.

First, the installation of LED spotlights common problem is that some workers in the early construction, not the power line layout, LED Spotlight resulting in the ceiling, the opening of the lamp hole can not find the line, so, to pay attention to the location of the line well. Need electrician and carpentry to cooperate well.

Second, another problem is that some of the lamp hole excavation is inaccurate, resulting in size or spacing around the inconsistent, looking at the awkward.

Third, the lamp hole due to the height of the ceiling to form a depth, LED Spotlight this depth to be able to put into the LED spotlights. If not, the lamp will not be installed. Therefore, the ceiling should consider the use of what kind of LED spotlights.