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LED Tube Light Source Color Rendering Good
- Sep 13, 2017 -

LED Tube lamp is a kind of illumination lamp which is embedded in the ceiling light. Its biggest feature is to maintain the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration, not because of the setting of the lamp to destroy the perfect unity of the ceiling art. Its structure advantage is to hide the light source inside the building decoration, light source is not exposed, no glare, the visual effect of the person is soft and uniform. Generally in hotels, families, cafes use more.

From the direction of the light source, LED tube lamp is a directional lighting, LED Downlights only its opposite can be light, beam angle belongs to the spotlight, light is concentrated, the contrast is strong. The more prominent objects, the higher the brightness flow, but also the quiet atmosphere of the environment. Generally suitable for shopping malls supermarkets, office buildings, business Hall.

From the way of lighting, it includes indirect lighting and direct lighting, LED tube lamp belongs to direct lighting, light through the reflector direct shooting, LED Downlights lamp efficiency of about 85%.

Vertical LED Tube Lamp Its reflector depth is deep, belongs to the deep illumination type lamps, the light beam is more concentrated, has the certain concentration, allows the height ratio in 0.7 ~ 1.2 range, is used for the high space illumination more.

The concept of energy saving is used in LED lamp design, LED Downlights more environmental awareness. When the LED tube lamp also has the energy-saving core, you have to admit, it is stingy really have reason!

What is the characteristic of LED tube lamp?

1, LED lamp adaptability, power can be immediately normal work, no longer wait, the light source color is good, close to natural daylight, the installation of fast and flexible, any angle adjustable, versatile, LED Downlights wide range of applications.

2, LED lamp can maintain high maintenance, convenient maintenance.

3, LED tube lamp start performance is good, fast and reliable, only millisecond response time, can reach all optical output, LED lamp vibration resistance, weather-friendly, long life.

4, LED tube lamp color index higher, higher than the traditional light source. LED tube lamp No matter from performance, or price has a very obvious advantage, LED Downlights more favored by consumers.