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LED Tube Lights Start Very Fast
- Oct 19, 2017 -

LED Tube lamp is a kind of lighting lamp which is embedded into the ceiling light, which is also called LED ceiling spotlights. LED Tube lamp is a directional lighting, only its opposite can be light, beam angle belongs to the spotlight, light is concentrated, the contrast is strong. The more prominent objects, LED Downlights the higher the brightness flow, but also the quiet atmosphere of the environment. Generally suitable for shopping malls supermarkets, office buildings, business Hall.

The life of Ed tube lamp is very long, its power consumption is less than one-third of traditional lamps, but the brightness is consistent with the traditional lamps. Generally speaking, the normal use of life of more than 30,000 hours, long-term use without replacement, the invisible in the reduction of the cost of artificial, LED Downlights very suitable for some inconvenient to replace the lighting occasions. Of course, LED tube lamp color is very rich, can produce a variety of luminous colors of the lamp, so as to meet the needs of different occasions.

LED Tube lamp is a green lighting, it will not produce ultraviolet light, infrared light and other radiation, not including mercury and other harmful substances, heat less, very good to avoid the mosquito around the source of the lamp, LED Downlights so to create a relatively clean environment for the interior.

LED Tube lamp is a very quiet energy-saving lamp, not like the traditional lighting noise, very suitable for the need for quiet environment, such as libraries, offices and other places. LED Downlights can also be very good protection of the eyes, start very fast, not flicker, good for our health.

LED Tube Lamp Main features:

1, LED Tube lamp cup shell using special die-casting aluminum alloy material processing technology, with good heat dissipation, light decay, life is far greater than ordinary tube lamp, electromagnetic interference and radiation;

2, the use of optical grade PMMA high efficiency lens, LED Downlights high light utilization, good illumination;

3, Temperature range: Indoor-40 ℃ to +60℃.

LED tube lamp can be widely used in:

1, shop display, window, restaurant, restaurants and other indoor decorative lighting, display hall, Art Hall, museum, office, Reading room and other local lighting, disco, bars, LED Downlights karaoke OK and other atmosphere lighting, jewelry, gold and silver hand ornaments, fashion lighting and other places to replace the ordinary lamp.

2, Local lighting: corridor, toilet, garage, car park, the use of lighting, factories, residential areas used security lights, anti-theft lights, Night Lights, lights, LED Downlights bedroom night Lights, Night Lights.