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Light Up New Year!
- Nov 30, 2017 -

New Year = presents + family + new mood + another new beginning. At such exciting moment when most of the whole family members gather together to celebrate for another hopeful start, lighting effect seems to be a vital factor to the overall home atmosphere, which would further affect the precious family time. Undoubtedly. Suitable LED products may amazingly light up the new year festival.

As new year festival represents joy and happiness, MILANLUX here recommends you to consider colorful lights to make brand new and cheerful atmosphere, especially for those family who have little kids. In addition to being a special decoration on New Year Festival, they can also be used throughout the year, for its advantages like saving energy, eco-friendly, and safety guarantee, etc.


Among different LED lighting products, RGB LED light bulb appears to be the most suitable choice, which is equipped with a remote controller, to realize 16 kinds of changeable colors. Through the operation of the controller, 4 color changing modes are available: flash, strobe, fade, smooth. Every mode symbolizes one status that the color changes. The users can select any one as they like. As a result, such beautiful lighting effect would add kind of energy and pleasant to the New Year Festival, make the family time more unforgettable.