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Newly Launched LED Panel Light With Latest Technology!
- Jan 31, 2018 -

As is well known, LED products continuously experience the technology update, in order to

catch up with such market change and user demand, MILANLUX is going to launch a new type LED panel light.

This new LED panel intend to cut down the production cost in order to cater to market

demand, but at the same time, quality to be maintained at high standard, with luminous

efficiency up to 100LM/W, isolated driver, 2 year warranty,


led panel.jpg

MIALNLUX strictly requires that the latest anti-light leakage design must be adopted

in this newly launched LED panel light, 100% guarantee that no edge-lack,

no shape-deforming, no spray problem, or scratch, etc.

For more detailed info, you could leave us a message in the blank at this page bottom, thx a lot for your attention.