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Strong Applicability of LED Tube Lamp
- Aug 10, 2017 -

LED Tube lamp is a directional lighting, only its opposite can be light, beam angle belongs to the spotlight, light is concentrated, the contrast is strong. The more prominent objects, the higher the brightness flow, but also the quiet atmosphere of the environment.

LED tube lamp commonly used classification:

According to the type of installation: embedded LED tube lamp and Ming-mounted LED lamp;

According to the classification of light source: divided into led SMD light bulb, LED high-power light source tube lamp and ledcob light source tube lamp;

Classification by site: Home lighting LED Tube lights, commercial lighting LED tube lights and engineering lighting LED tube lamp;

According to the source of fog Category: ordinary LED tube lamp and fog led tube lamp;

The application of LED tube lamp to each place:

In recent years, more and more offices and even families have used LED lamp lighting. Because the LED lamp makes the applicability of indoor lighting more and more known to people, LED Downlights but also more and more popular. LED lamp with some other lamps can not match even the other LED lamps can not match the applicability of indoor lighting

LED tube lamp does not occupy indoor space, LED Downlights in the indoor installation of LED lamp, because of the hidden nature of the lamp, will not use the feeling of oppression, the opposite will produce a warm effect. Therefore, home decoration can choose to install more than a lamp, LED Downlights reduce the sense of space pressure. and generally in hotels, homes, cafes, shopping malls LED lamp use more.

Tube lamps are generally used in shopping malls, offices, factories, hospitals and other indoor lighting, installation simple and convenient for people to love. LED Tube lamp inherits the traditional tube lamp all of the advantages, the calorific value is small, the province electric life is long, LED Downlights the maintenance cost is very small. Early LED lamp lamp because of the expensive led beads, the overall cost is very high not for customers to accept. With the lower price of LED lamp chip and the improvement of heat dissipation technology, it has laid a solid foundation for the LED tube lamp to enter the commercial field.

LED Tube lamp interior illumination is strong, but also because of its many other advantage characteristics.

Use LED tube lights to make home decoration more beautiful. LED Downlights Cylinder lamp to help maintain the overall unity and perfection of interior decoration, do not destroy chandeliers and other lighting settings, light source hidden in the interior, not exposed, no glare, LED light source to the visual effect more gentle, even.

LED energy-saving to help families reduce electricity costs: the same brightness power consumption for ordinary energy-saving lamps 1/4, a LED tube lamp can be a family one months can save dozens of yuan electricity.

3, LED tube light is not easy to break, recyclable, environmental protection strong: not including mercury and other harmful substances, no pollution to the environment. LED Downlights and its power-saving equivalent to reducing carbon emissions. In line with the family "energy-saving emission reduction" concept of life promotion.

LED lamp longevity: LED lamp life of 50,000 hours per day, use six hours, is 20 years of life. This has reduced a considerable cost to the purchase of lamps for the family.

LED tube lamps generally have large (6 inch) (5 inch) (4 inch) Small (3 inch) (2.5 inch) three species. The current market price of the trumpet between 25-35 yuan, medium 40-60 yuan between, large between 70-90 yuan between. The above price includes light source and drive power. LED Tube lamp has led SMD tube lamp, LED high-power tube lamp and ledcob tube lamp, the current market quality is relatively high led SMD tube lamp.