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The Color Of LED Spotlight Is Rich
- Oct 10, 2017 -

LED spotlights the low pressure, high pressure two kinds, the consumer better choose low voltage LED spotlights, its long life, light efficiency is higher. LED spotlights to the light efficiency of the power factor, the greater the light efficiency, ordinary LED spotlights the power factor in about 0.5, cheap, high-quality shooting LED light power factor can reach 0.99, the price is slightly more expensive.

The LED spotlights are similar to the tube lamps, which are often used to set up in the ceiling of the installation of lighting decorative lamps, generally its light soft and has focused ability.

The characteristics of LED spotlight

1, energy-saving: The same power LED lamp consumes only 10% of the incandescent lamp, energy-saving than the daily light.

2, Long life: LED lamp beads can work for 50,000 hours, LED Spotlight than the daily air lamp and incandescent lamps are longer.

3, Adjustable light: The previous dimmer has been aimed at the incandescent light, incandescent lamp dimming when the light is red; it is difficult to see the light dimmer, which is the main reason for the dimming technology has not developed for many years, and the LED can be dimming, LED Spotlight and whether it is bright or dark light is the same color (color temperature is basically unchanged), This is significantly better than incandescent dimming.

4, can be frequent switch: Led life is lit by the point, even if the switch thousands of times per second does not affect the LED life, in the decoration, such as the need for frequent light extinction occasions, LED lights have an absolute advantage.

5, rich in color: there is white light, warm white, red, green, blue and other colors, LED Spotlight whether it is in the living room with a large lamp to decorate the small lantern or neon, are very bright.

6, low heat: like LED spotlights, a lot of 220V led spotlights in a few days will be broken off because of fever. 12V Halogen LED spotlights the heat is lower than the 220V led spotlights, LED Spotlight but also due to the transformer power shortage and other reasons, its brightness is not up to the nominal value. The use of LED spotlights, without Transformers can also work for a long time.

LED spotlights can be placed in the ceiling four weeks or furniture upper, wall, dado or kicking line. Direct illumination of the light in the need to emphasize the utensils, LED Spotlight to highlight the subjective aesthetic effect, to achieve the core, unique environment, rich level, rich atmosphere, colorful artistic effects. LED spotlights light soft, elegant, not only the overall lighting can play a leading role, LED Spotlight but also local lighting, foil atmosphere.