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The Purchase Technique of LED Spotlight
- Aug 10, 2017 -

With the rapid development of LED technology, the continuous improvement of light efficiency, LED spotlight technology is also rapidly developing. The current LED spotlights are almost replaced by the traditional halogen tungsten lamp mainly. Compared with traditional lamps, LED spotlights have significant advantages in energy saving and long life. With the lower cost of LED spotlights, the application of LED spotlights has gradually become popular. LED Spotlight At this stage of the LED spotlights, mainly to replace the traditional halogen tungsten lamp, the relevant safety requirements are mostly reference to the traditional lighting requirements, and according to the characteristics of LED lights, formed a set of safety certification standards. At present, in the certification of LED spotlights, the international mainly in Europe CE and North America UL certification, in China can carry out voluntary certification (CQC). The current LED spotlights mainly optical devices (lenses, reflective cups), LED light source, radiator, mask, lamp caps are composed of these parts. But the manufacturers of LED spotlights, because of the use of materials, technology, LED packaging different ways, so that spotlights in the design and processing will have some differences.

So how do we choose?

1, concentrating: light concentration, can highlight or emphasize an object or space, decorative effect is obvious. 2, Life: The use of the lamp, the length of time, LED Spotlight the difference between the long time to open the light is very easy to bad.

3. Comfortable: The color of the spotlights is close to the natural light, and the rays are reflected on the wall and will not glare.

4, Beautiful: The shape of the structure is also very important, LED Spotlight spotlights high temperature, good structure not only shut and heat.

1 First of all, we say that the optical components of LED spotlights (lenses, reflective cups), mainly divided into 30 degrees and 60 degrees 2 species. LED Spotlight This we can according to their different uses, exposure range, irradiation location to choose different angle size of the spotlights to install.

2 Again is led Spotlight light source, that is, the chip, LED lamp heart zone. The general chip is mainly divided into three kinds: red, green, blue (making white light raw materials). The blue chip, also known as Sapphire chip, is the best led chip at present. Further down is the electrode, in the LED light source plays a very important role in the conduction of electrical energy, led chip power loss, LED Spotlight mainly to see the conduction of the metal used in the general market are aluminum, copper some conductor metal, and the best is the 99K gold electrode conduction performance is the most powerful, the lowest power loss, can promote the life of LED chip.

In our usual choice, the use of what chip, the general will be written in the box, this is the heavy, a good chip, a good electrode can allow the led to increase the life time of the lamp several times, bad chip with electrodes, buy back not long will lead to light exhaustion, power consumption is too large, slowly dead lights, waste lamps, so spend more than the general price of the lamp is not cost-effective. LED Spotlight When you choose to buy LED spotlights, you can ask about sales related issues, when you know the importance of the chip and the electrode, I think there should be no led sales can be fooled you.

3 Next, the light body and mask of LED spotlights. At present the best led material lamp body is ceramic, this can guarantee the LED lamp luminous is produces the heat to be able to transmit out even, guaranteed the LED lamp in the service life is not easy because the heat too high causes the lamp damage.

The mask of the spotlights is related to his light color, light efficiency and the energy consumption of light, choose a good material led spotlights, how to do? When viewing his mask, LED Spotlight use a light plate against the light source to see if the lights emitted by the spotlights are even and have a splash screen. I personally think that the material of the mask is the best ceramic, thermal conductivity, very suitable for home use.

4 finally is led spotlights the heat dissipation function, as above a said, the material determines the LED lamp's heat dissipation effect, most manufacturers ' radiator is uses the aluminum material, the processing craft organic processing and the mold molding and so on way. In the structural design, LED Spotlight the various manufacturers in order to increase the radiation capacity of the spotlights, usually the use of fins.

Radiator function, as its name implies, heat dissipation, disperse the volatile led spotlights used when the high heat generated. A good radiator, can effectively improve the life of the LED. How to choose? Material is critical, heat is passed between different materials will produce a resistance, that is, we call the thermal resistance. Therefore, the heat sink to select the thermal resistance of the material, and in some good radiator will have a cooling hole, these small holes can also be very good to promote the elimination of heat.